Thursday, November 2, 2017


I quilt other people's quilt tops.  I create quilts from start to finish for non-quilter customers (and sometimes for a quilter that needs a quilt faster than she can make it herself), but I recently got to do something for a customer that I had not done before.

I was contacted by an elderly gentleman who brought me some Sunbonnet Sue quilt blocks that his late wife had made in the 1980s, and he wanted me to make a quilt out of them for a new great grandchild that was due to be born in the next few days.  The blocks were all the same, but one of the blocks was very much more detailed, down to ribbon and button embellishments, and did not match the others.  I made a quilt out of the plainer ones for him, but suggested that he have the more detailed one matted and framed to give as a gift to a child, grandchild or great grandchild.

The block, even though it was just a single block, had been quilted with diagonal lines, but was not bound.  I took it to Chris in the framing department at JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store, and we picked out mats, frame, and museum glass.  Twelve days later, I picked up the finished product, and was so impressed!  And so was my customer.

I had a 50% off coupon, and the total cost for the framing was $153.  This beautiful framed quilt block will last forever and be handed down through the generations.

Do you have a block that has been handed down to you, and it is just sitting in a box somewhere?  If you bring it to me, I can quilt it and make it frame-ready for you to take in for framing. If you prefer, I can take it in for you and work with Chris to design the perfect work of art!

Another option is to take an old, handed-down quilt that it worn out and unable to be used, and use a part of it as a framed treasure.

Please call me at 815.735.0997 if you would like me to help you create a family heirloom that will stand the test of time!

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