Depending on the size and difficulty level of your project, you can expect to take a one-session, two-session or three-session lesson or class.  Most lessons and classes last 3 hours each and are scheduled 1 to 2 weeks apart to allow you to do your "homework" on your own time.


If you desire private quilting lessons in your home, the fee is $12 per hour.  Bring a friend, and you each will pay $11 per hour.  Bring two friends, and you will each pay $10 per hour.  If there are four or more people in your group, you will each pay the group rate below.


If you want to join a class with other students, the fee is $9 per hour if held at my home, or $10 per hour if held in your home.


You will need to already own or purchase a portable sewing machine that is capable of sewing a straight stitch.  All lessons and classes will require that you bring a rotary cutter, a rotary cutting mat and a rotary cutting ruler or two.  These items can be easily found at all quilt fabric stores, including Jo-Ann Fabrics and Hobby Lobby.  Prices will vary, and they are one-time purchases.  I still use the cutter, mat and rulers that I purchased 15 years ago.

Depending on the lesson or class you take, there may be extra supplies that you will need to purchase to make that specific project.  And, of course, you will need to purchase fabric, thread and quilt batting in advance of each lesson or class.  You will receive a supply list enough ahead of time to allow you to go shopping.  I will offer you any help or advice I can in helping you get set up initially with your tools.

As each lesson or class is scheduled, you can visit this blog to view a supplies list for your project.