Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Over a year ago, I got the idea to open a shop on to sell quilts and other handmade items.  I made some quilts to sell, and stopped at Hancock's at Paducah to buy fabric for a sweet little jewelry holder that I wanted to make:

I bought enough fabric to make 60 of these items and started sewing.  Many, many days later, I was finished, but never pulled the trigger on the Etsy shop.  I sold a few of the pouches at a flea market last year, but the rest have been set aside for the day that I might get around to opening my shop.

Well, today was that day, and my shop is open!  So far, only the jewelry holders are listed, but after Thanksgiving, I plan on doing my photography and listing my quilts.

You can visit my shop by clicking here.  There are nine different colors to choose from.

I told my sister, Diane, about my new shop and she posted it on her Facebook timeline, and a few minutes later, I had my first sale!  I'm very excited!

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